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Local 247 Membership and Work Dues Payments

Membership, work dues, and other payments can be paid by cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card (using PayPal).

Membership Dues

Dues include AFM fees and Local 247 fees.
• Annual dues $170
• If paid quarterly, dues are $47.50 per quarter
• EARLYBIRD Annual dues - $160 for early annual payment BEFORE January 1
   (or four $40 post-dated cheques dated Dec 31/Apr 1/Jul 1/Oct 1)
• Life Members $90 (annual)

Casual Work Dues Buyout

Annual cost is $60.

Online Payment Methods


The e-transfer service from your bank/credit union is the least expensive on-line payment system.  You save the 3 1/2% PayPal charge, paying only whatever your bank's fee is for the transaction.  Your bank will ask for a security question and our email address.  Use "" for the email address.  The security question should be something to which we will easily know the answer or, if you wish, email or telephone us with the answer.


This secure online payment service is provided by PayPal. You can pay with your existing PayPal account or log in as a guest using your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).
3 1/2% is added to the amount to cover PayPal fees.
Choose the appropriate button below.

Quarterly Membership Payment $49.16 (includes PayPal fee)

EARLYBIRD 2019 Annual Membership Payment $165.60. Valid Only Until Dec 31
(includes PayPal fee)

Annual Membership Payment after Dec 31 $175.95 (includes PayPal fee)

Life Member Dues $93.15 (includes PayPal fee)

Other Membership Payments such as reinstatement
(call the office to confirm the amount due)

Work Dues Payments

A. Casual Work Dues Buyout $62.10 (Includes PayPal fee))

B. Remit work dues to the Local. You can fill in the appropriate amount.

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