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All employment in the CFM is covered by some form of contract. We have a general contract, as well as collective bargaining agreements with various organizations, plus recording agreements, and more.
Most of the Local’s services depend on a signed contract between purchaser and musician. In the event of a contract default, the Local will endeavour to collect on behalf of the musician.

Referral Service

Local 247 connects purchasers with our musicians. Prospective purchasers can contact us and/or use our Find Musicians link.

Working in the U.S.

If you work in the United States you can take advantage of a work permit program (the P-2 visa). CFM members with signed contracts can, through the CFM and our Local, apply for a temporary work permit for engagements. The P-2 work permit is the least expensive way to work in the U.S.
Find out more here.

Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF)

As part of an agreement with the recording industry, money from the sale of recordings goes into this fund to co-sponsor free live public concerts in parks, squares, schools, and senior care centres.

Instrument and Liability Insurance

We have a group insurance plan that provides worldwide, comprehensive coverage for musical equipment at rates below commercially available policies. Liability insurance is also available at very competitive rates. Contact the Local office for current details.

Pension Fund

In addition to legal protection, a CFM contract provides for employer pension contributions. The Canadian Federation of Musicians participates in a private pension plan called the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada. With a filed contract, a percentage of scale wages is contributed by the employer/purchaser to your pension.

Directory, Bylaws and Tariff of Fees

Every member has access to our Members List, Bylaws and Tariff of Fees, listing such things as minimum wages for various types of engagements, guidelines for contractors (members responsible for hiring groups of musicians), and rules of conduct for working musicians. All musicians in the Local are expected to use the Local’s guidelines when negotiating with purchasers of musical services.

Emergency Travelling Assistance Program (ETAP)

With CFM contracts in place, you are protected on the road anywhere in Canada or the United States. If you have an engagement that takes you hundreds of miles from home, and suddenly the purchaser cancels without due notice, fails to pay you your contracted amount, or in any way fails to fulfil the terms of your contract, help is a phone call away. Under the ETAP program, we will wire you money to assist you in getting home if you are stranded. Then the Local in whose jurisdiction the default took place will attempt to collect from the purchaser on your behalf, with the assistance of the CFM or AFM.

Special Payments

This fund is created by contributions from film and record producers. Every year the fund is divided among members who have played in these recording sessions, according to the number of sessions worked. The greater the number of sessions, the more money received—as long as contracts were in place.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Benefit

Our Local maintains a supplementary insurance partnership with AIL Canada, a 100% wall-to-wall unionized insurance company. The benefits include a “no cost” or obligation Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) benefit for each member of Local 247.

If you are interested in getting more information prior to joining, or if you are interested in AIL Canada’s products and services, please contact us.

A Collective Voice

It is only through combined effort that we can improve the position of musicians in our society. As a collective unit we have a stronger voice in collective bargaining, government lobbying, and anywhere that musicians work. As a member of Local 247, you have a voice in deciding our collective future!

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